Callizio meticulously crafts exclusive footwear by considering the harmony of details on every stage of the production. Each stage of the process is undertaken with the utmost care, continuously improving and responding to global trends. Callizio shoes offer structural sophistication with a contemporary twist, built for the modern globetrotter. By doing these, the production is always preceded with the way of using the highest quality of material and its naturality for the users’ health and comfort. That’s why; usage of Callizio footwear takes huge place for your steps. Here are some trips and advices that users of Callizio should take them into consideration.

General Tips and Advices for The Users of Callizio Shoe

  • If shoes are cared for regularly and used as recommendaed, they will last longer, look better, keep their shape, and maintain water resistance.
  • Firstly, it is significant that new shoes should be used carefully at the begining. Your feet need to be accustomed to the new shoe. That’s why, in the first day of your usage, you should not use the shoe more than 3 or 4 hours. After the leather and shape of the shoe is accustomed to be a part of your feet, than you can wear your shoe comfortably. Leather materials gradually take the form of the body.
  • Give your shoes a rest right after you wear in a tough condition or a long day! Keep two pairs of day-to-day shoes for wearing on different days. This will allow perspiration of the shoe and any moisture to dry thoroughly. This is significant for the health of the leather materials.
  • The use of shoetrees is recommended to maintain the shape of the shoes when you do not wear. To prevent the backs of the shoes from creasing and cracking, we suggest using a horn to ease the foot into the shoe.
  • The key to maintaining the new look and condition of your shoes is to spray and clean them regularly. This powerful formula can be applied to even the most delicate colors. It forms an invisible barrier against rain and everyday stains without affecting the breathability of the leather.
  • You should avoid to expose your shoe to extremely wet conditions. Even if you face it, you should make the care of your shoe. Allow footwear to air dry. Wet shoes should never be dried in front of an open fire, put in a dryer, or put on a radiator.
  • Never polish shoes when they are wet. Always follow these specific cleaning instructions based on your shoes’ material.
  • Rubbing and scratching may damage the product. In such cases only minor retouches may be applied.
  • Leather skins are carefully sorted by colour and quality. Due to the specific properties of leather, minor colour differences or markings may occur. Markings are not faults but proof of the genuinity of the leather.
  • Do not wash shoes or insoles in the washing machine unless they are specifically labeled as machine washable. Leather is a natural material. Washing machines are not suitable cleaning for the leather shoes or boots.
  • When you put your feet on the shoes, you should always use a shoehorn. It should be your daily habit because no mater the shoe model, shoe will get damaged while wearing without using shoehorn. Day-by-day, the back of the will become loose its shape and the leather will be cracked. Even, the leather can be torn after a long time if you force the shoes to put your feet by hand.

Significant Part For The Health of The Footwear

Guidance of Cleaning and Polishing    

It is one of the significant rules that you should keep your shoes clean in every time to not loose its quality for a long time. This will prolong their life and improve their appearance. High quality leather not only looks better as shape and appearance, but also will last a lifetime when it is cared as properly. The polish and creams will keep them strong and look great. Also, this will protect the leather from water damage and feed the leather.

Calf Leather

  • To clean your leather shoes, it is important that you should begin with removing all dirt and dust. You should gently wipe excess dirt with a soft, dry cloth then wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. Let the leather dry naturally before applying cream polish.
  • It is recommended that you should apply a simple shoe cream that will feed the leather and keep it softened. Apply a thin coating all around the shoe with a cloth and rub it in well. You can use natural cream. It does not alter the color of shoe. If you want to darken your color, you can use slightly darker cream. Although this is the way of having a slightly darker color, you should not try to change color by yourself totally. As the leather is natural material and be processed by the professional craftsmen in a detailed way, you can change its type mistakenly. That’s why; you should be careful while you are using different color creams.
  • To protect your leather shoes, you can use protector spray – footwear deodorant for water and stain protection. After repeated use, certain leathers require a performance conditioner. For daily cleaning, polishing sponge is a suitable for shoes appearance because it is dust-free and provides leather with superior polish.
  • Caring your leather shoes when it is wet is significant condition to take action. You should wipe the leather to dry with using dry towel or paper for absorption of moisture. This may take some time because it is depending on the soaking of shoes. It is quite significant that you should not put your shoes near a heat source; let them dry slowly at room temperature. 

Suede Leather

  • Most significant way to maintain your suede shoes is to use suede protector spray to help the leather repel dirt and water. It is ideal that you should do this before the first wearing.
  • It is recommended that Suede and Nubuck Renovator cleans your suede or nubuck items that will feed and clean for using. Besides, it increases the life of the shoe twice through the excellent feature.
  • Before cleaning using spray for suede leather shoes, for regular maintenance, you can use suede & nubuck cleaner brush to remove any dirt and buff using the back (rubber) side of the brush if you have a stubborn mark.