As Callizio trademark, we are mainly active in the fields of Men’s and Women’s Footwear with the combination of some accessories such as wallets, bags and belts. Callizio means to have exclusive products, strictly handmade. Each stage that is taken by our team is carried out meticulously, with the maximum attention to the little details of our products. With the aims of creativity and attention to details, we produce winter and summer footwear collections in accordance with the continuous improvements of Callizio by creating and following trends that are instantly changing and developing in all around the world. Considering the harmony of details on every stage of the production makes Callizio as a unique trademark. The characters of footwear are designed for reflecting sophisticated structure and the modernity by focusing more on innovation. We have agreed partners to produce unique footwear and to present the best for our customers. All types of demands are precisely taken and according to technical specifications and requirements; the manufacturing lines are planned and the orders are accomplished on time schedule and conditions; according to approved agreements.
        We are attending main International Shoes Fairs and Regions like Europe, Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East or Africa; include the key partner countries in our trade relations. We have high rank and widespread presence, many customers with reputation in their countries. With our B2B meetings, joined decisions, or agreements, we answer the unique demands of our customers as affordable prices with high quality products for their business, boosting their successful trades in their companies, brands, stores or online shopping sites. We are collaborating with many foreign partners on different kinds of markets that create an opportunity to produce the right product range for different kinds of regions and working for Callizio to have an impeccable infrastructure. Callizio is one of the brands of “ARASTA Invest Co”.

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